Phishing URL Targeted Brand Microsoft OneDrive PayPal Inc. Generic/Spear Phishing Facebook, Inc. Generic/Spear Phishing PayPal Inc. Webmail Providers Generic/Spear Phishing InterActiveCorp DGI (French Tax Authority) Generic/Spear Phishing WhatsApp,_,_,_,_,12=&_branch_match_id=749315433040068932 SunTrust Bank SunTrust Bank SunTrust Bank,_,_,_,_,12=&_branch_match_id=749316639141201033 SunTrust Bank Box Apple Inc. Societe Generale WeTransfer Made-In-China Facebook, Inc. DHL Airways, Inc. WeTransfer InterActiveCorp Societe Generale WhatsApp Chase Personal Banking Chase Personal Banking Bank of America
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