IP Reputation Feed

The IP Reputation Feed lists the IP addresses, which hosted phishing content in the last 24 hours. The feed is updated hourly to accommodate the dynamic nature of the cyber threat landscape - an IP address can be malicious today but legitimate tomorrow - and allow customers to strike a balance between protection and user experience.

What information is in this feed?

Every IP entry of the feed has the following metadata:

  • AS name and number
  • Count of phishing hostnames
  • Count of phishing URLs in the /24 subnet
  • Count of all phishing URLs

What are the use cases for this feed?

Customers can utilize the IP Reputation Feed to:

  • Identify compromised servers/accounts
  • Develop block policies based on IP addresses and/or subnets
  • Monitor network activity and identify emerging threats
  • Enrich data for SOC investigations


The feed is provided in CSV format which allows for quick and easy integrations.
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